What We Do.

Books help to create strong imaginative pathways for children. The books that our children read are like bridges that connect and enhance their imaginations. Children need to experience a positive atmosphere. One that illustrates how people are different and what our earth expects of them.

Through books, children can learn about people, cultures, politics, beliefs, and aspirations. At JustLuvBooks we believe that we can set our children on the right path to understanding the importance of being positive, having self-worth, having faith, showing love, and respecting all by exposing them to books that teach each of these concepts.                                                          

We are focused on creating books that fully showcase the diversity that exists in the world, books that are not confined to a skin color, tribe, tradition, place, or genre. Our books will teach children how the world is uniquely beautiful and how they can be whatever they want to be if they believe in the person they see when they look in the mirror.

The opportunity to read decorative tales and get taken into new worlds of possibility allow children to be unbounded, productive, intelligent, and loving. When a child can picture themselves in every adventure, place, and position they are able to make the unimaginable and impossible a reality.

The ability to believe in yourself, wholeheartedly, is paramount in the process of creation. Freedom fuels self-confidence, self-love, and most of all self-power. JustLuvBooks aims to create and promote stories with diverse characters from fiction, non-fiction, science-fiction, fantasy, etc. where every child will be 



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